Stabilise your supply chain with AVC Trading

When you choose AVC Trading for your sea freight needs, you and your freight will be backed by one of the largest shipping contracts in Australia through Wesfarmers.

You’ll also be able to pick and choose what parts of the AVC Trading service you want to use beyond the sea freight component. And importantly, you won’t need to commit to anything but the sea freight component with AVC Trading. You can continue to use the other service providers you already enjoy strong relationships with.

Create your own customised supply chain with AVC Trading and enjoy immediate benefits. Customise your supply chain from end to end and save. With AVC Trading you’ll also enjoy security and reassurance that your sea freight will reach its destination safely and on time.

Work with a freight trading innovator

Shipping Solutions is a core part of our business, and at AVC Trading we are disrupting the status quo in sea freight. Through our extensive experience and knowledge of sea freight, we are uniquely placed to offer three significant advantages to any organisation that imports large quantities of containers from anywhere in Asia to anywhere in Australia.


Spot rates on sea freight can fluctuate dramatically. They’re highly volatile and unpredictable, which makes it almost impossible to accurately budget for and plan a 12-month shipping schedule using spot rates. Through our relationship with Wesfarmers, AVC Trading is uniquely positioned to offer great rates on sea freight, as well as stability in pricing.

All of this means that you can more accurately plan out your 12-month shipping schedule with AVC Trading and know in advance what it will cost you to get your product to Australia over that period. Our rates are very competitive and allow you to avoid the volatility of spot rates on sea freight.



Through our relationship with Wesfarmers and our extensive experience with sea freight and importing large quantities of freight into Australia from Asia, we can offer true reliability for your shipments.

Thanks to our strong connections with operators at all the major ports across Asia, we have developed a proven track record in getting stock on shipping lines. We have a dedicated team that works hard to meet your requirements and to get your freight loaded, shipped and unloaded at its destination on time and intact.

Competitive costs

We enjoy significant market advantages when it comes to sea freight, through our relationship with Wesfarmers. With that comes the opportunity to access some of the lowest sea freight rates available – rates that only AVC Trading can offer.

Our customers enjoy access to some unique and very favourable advantages when it comes to ocean freight rates and conditions – rates that other companies simply cannot match. Avoid paying more than you have to for your sea freight. Our unmatched pricing enables you to bring more stock into Australia for less.


Customise your supply chain and save

  • Do you have a different view on how you want to move your freight?
  • Are you consistently moving large volumes into Australia from Asia?
  • Do you want confirmed spaces and a stable supply chain cost?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions, then speak to AVC Trading today. We can help you to access significant savings on your sea freight while enjoying the peace of mind that only comes with reliability and stability.