What is the difference between AVC Trading and a freight forwarder?

AVC Trading is a focused on ocean freight, not a freight forwarder who prefers an end to end solution including clearance, warehousing and transport. We specialise in sea freight trading and helping companies with annual sea freight requirements to access the savings and reassurances that come with being a part of Australia’s largest shipping contract.

Typically, a freight forwarder will lock clients into using the freight forwarder’s supply chain – their clearance service, their 3PL company, and so on – and charge the client a margin at every step of the way. But with AVC Trading you are free to customise your entire supply chain. Simply use AVC Trading for the sea freight component, then continue to use your preferred suppliers for all services either side of the sea freight.

How is AVC Trading able to provide such reduced costs on sea freight?

Because we have been a member of the Wesfarmers family since 2007, our sea freight and freight trading operation is part of one of the largest shipping contract in Australia. This enables us to pass on significant and unmatched savings (and other advantages) to our customers around sea freight pricing.

How many containers does my company have to move a month to be able to use AVC Trading for my sea freight?

We typically work with clients who ship 500 or more containers a year and can commit to a planned 12-month shipping schedule.

Where can AVC Trading ship my freight from?

We can ship your freight from any port across Asia.

Where can AVC Trading ship my freight to?

We can ship your freight to any port in Australia.

Can AVC Trading ship my freight from Australia to Asia?

No. We only import freight from Asia to Australia. We don’t export from Australia to Asia.

Does AVC Trading do spot shipments?

No. We generally work to a contracted 12-month shipping period for all clients. However, at our discretion, we may accept spot shipments.

What time of year does AVC Trading’s sea freight tender start?

Our freight tender and shipping period run from May to April. To secure shipments for those 12 months, we advise that customers contact us to discuss their requirements in October.

Does AVC Trading accept dangerous goods of hazardous materials?

No, we don’t accept dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

Does AVC Trading accept open-top containers?

No. For safety reasons, we will only accept shipping containers that are fully enclosed.

Is there any other materials that AVC Trading won’t accept?

While we accept all freight types other than dangerous goods or hazardous materials, we reserve the right to refuse freight on a case-by-case basis where needed.