Sea freight: Enjoy the AVC Trading difference

AVC Trading has more than 20 years’ experience in successfully moving sea freight out of Asia and into Australia. For more than two decades we have been importing large numbers of shipping containers into Australia from ports all over Asia for the various divisions of our own business.

In 2007, AVC Trading was acquired by Wesfarmers and has since been part of one of the very largest and most diverse and successful of all Australian companies. For more than a decade we have partnered with Wesfarmers on sea freight. Today, freight trading is a significant part of our business.

Between its leading retail brands (Kmart, Bunnings, Target, Officeworks,, Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers division, and Industrial and Safety division, Wesfarmers brings more product into Australia via sea freight than any other company.

As a member of the Wesfarmers family, our freight trading operations are part of one of the largest shipping contract in Australia. This enables us to pass on significant advantages to our customers around sea freight pricing, reliability, and stability.

Through our extensive experience and knowledge of sea freight and our partnership with Wesfarmers, AVC Trading is uniquely placed to offer significant advantages to any organisation that imports large quantities of containers from anywhere in Asia to Australia.

Shipping Solutions vs. freight forwarding

Any freight forwarder can move containers ad hoc, but AVC Trading is not a freight forwarder. We are a focus on the movement of containers by sea and can offer cost savings, cost stability, and reliability for companies that import 500 or more containers into Australia from Asia annually. We specialise in sea freight container movement and helping companies with annual sea freight requirements to access savings and the reassurances that come with a premium, customised service.

AVC Trading offers something different to companies who regularly import from Asia. Unlike typical freight forwarding businesses, AVC Trading offers the chance to partner with a strategically positioned sea freight specialist who provides a premium sea freight service.

How we work with clients

Partnering with AVC Trading for your sea freight needs is simple. It’s merely a minor change to one component of your existing arrangements, with all the ancillary services around your sea freight remaining unchanged – unless you want to change them. Let AVC Trading handle your sea freight, then leverage your existing, long-standing relationships for the services either side of the sea freight component. It’s the best of both worlds.

While simple, this is a big change for the industry. It enables you to customise your supply chain from end to end – simply pick and choose who you want to use throughout the journey and enjoy savings through your existing relationships along the way. Gaining access to AVC Trading’s sea freight savings won’t require you to change any of our ancillary services. However, we can provide these services upon request if needed.


Sea freight with peace of mind

Our core service is getting your freight shipments from Asia to Australia as cost-effectively as possible and with as little risk as possible to you. When you choose AVC Trading for your sea freight needs, you will avoid the frequent volatility of ocean shipping rates. We can standardise your sea freight costs, so for a full 12-month period you’ll know exactly what it will cost to bring your product into Australia. This means you can plan with confidence and avoid volatility in ocean shipping rates.

Find out more about sea freight with AVC Trading

  • Do you have a 12-month shipping schedule?
  • Do you import 500 or more containers into Australia from Asia annually, with regular monthly shipments?
  • Do you only import non-hazardous and non-dangerous goods?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions, then talk to AVC Trading today. We can help you to access significant savings on your sea freight while enjoying the peace of mind that only comes with reliability and stability.