ModWood – a true Australian innovation

Beyond chemicals such as PVC, polymers, and additives, the AVC Trading range of products also includes ModWood. Manufactured locally in Campbellfield, Victoria, ModWood is a truly innovative sustainable building material alternative.

A registered trademark of AVC Trading, ModWood is a cost-effective, non-structural wood-plastic composite (WPC) product made from recycled wood waste and plastic. Comprised of sawdust and recycled polymer sourced from plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) milk bottles, ModWood building products provide a timber alternative that doesn’t require the seasonal maintenance that timber products do.

A unique solution for builders, architects, and landscapers 

ModWood has revolutionised the look and feel of outdoor areas. With appealing features such as a high degree of UV stability, high resistance to extreme weather, moisture and termites, and requiring minimal maintenance, ModWood simply outperforms conventional timbers. When installed correctly and used as recommended, ModWood won’t rot, crack, warp, or splinter, meaning it essentially maintains itself.

Highly versatile, ModWood blends beautifully with any architectural style. From decking to screening to commercial outdoor areas, ModWood creates truly practical and highly stylish outdoor living spaces that are also environmentally friendly.

ModWood range of building products are available in a variety of colours, weight, and textures. Durable, cost-effective, and low maintenance, ModWood is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate for years. ModWood products don’t crack, warp or splinter, and are designed and manufactured in Australia. Not only does that mean that it lasts longer, but it also means you’re not paying for periodical maintenance or repairs.

ModWood – great for you, even better for the environment

ModWood is truly an environmentally friendly alternative. It is a non-structural wood-plastic composite (WPC) made from recycled wood waste and plastic. The plastic component is recycled polymer sourced from plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) milk bottles.

ModWood is a significant part of the AVC Trading business and we are truly proud of how the ModWood range promotes sustainable building. ModWood is 100 per cent made from sawdust and discarded plastic milk bottles – two materials that would otherwise be discarded off. Each year the manufacture of ModWood products uses around 100 million recycled milk bottles – products that would otherwise enter the waste system.

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