AVC Trading’s sea freight network

As part of the Wesfarmers family of companies, our sea freight network extends across the majority of Asia. We can ship containers from major ports in China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand – to any major port in Australia. In fact, we have been doing so for more nearly 20 years.

If your freight is located elsewhere within Asia and we don’t already ship from that location, through our trusted partners across the region we can organise a connecting service to move it to a port that we do ship from. From there, our team will ensure that it is loaded and shipped to your nominated port in Australia.

In terms of freight partners, we work with many of the leading freight companies in Asia and Australia, including King Freight.

A network of partnerships across Asia and Australia

As well as connection to a vast shipping network stretching across Asia and Australia, AVC Trading also boasts a vast network of trusted partners that we frequently work with.

We offer a premium service to customers who demand excellence, so we are very selective with who we partner with. It’s our way of ensuring that our clients receive continuity of service excellence and support throughout all their interactions with AVC Trading.

In every origin port across Asia that we ship from, we are connected to qualified and experienced agents on the ground. Our representatives in our origin ports ensure that all AVC Trading sea freight clients receive support however they need it.

Working with our key partners

Our key partners are well-placed to facilitate forwarding, clearance, transport, logistics, warehousing, and any other ancillary services that our clients need either side of the sea freight component of moving their freight from Asia into Australia.

If needed, our partner organisations can advise you on the best strategy for building the best cost-effective custom supply chain. And we can also put those pieces together for you through our key relationships with clearing agents, transport companies, warehousing companies, and others. Or simply use AVC Trading for your sea freight and continue to use your existing partners for all other services.


Learn more about sea freight with AVC Trading

AVC Trading works with organisations that:

  • Move large volumes into Australia from Asia (500 or more shipping containers annually);
  • Can commit to a 12-month shipping schedule; and
  • Who want to stabilise and accurately predict their supply chain costs.

If this sounds like your business, speak to AVC Trading today to find out how we can help you access significant savings on your sea freight and enjoy peace of mind.