Additional sea freight services

As well as offering stability, reliability, and competitive pricing on sea freight, there are several other areas where AVC Trading can support sea freight clients with value-add services.

As an experienced importer of large quantities of product from Asia to Australia and a member of the Wesfarmers group of companies, we have strong relationships with some of the largest 3PL companies in Australia. We also have close relationships with leading companies in transport, warehousing, and clearance. 

When you choose AVC Trading for your sea freight needs, if needed we can also provide you with access to large ancillary service providers that would typically be out of reach of smaller companies. We can provide these services to our customers due to our long history in sea freight and importing into Australia from Asia. And with that comes access to rates that would otherwise not be available to most companies.

So as well as enjoying the cost benefits and reassurances of working with one of the largest freight mover in Australia, if needed you can also access additional services through AVC Trading. These include services such as organising and processing origin and destination fees, and clearance, just to name a few.

Sea freight cost assessment

Through our more than 20 years of experience in importing freight into Australia from Asia, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of all facets of the shipping industry.

As experienced freight movers, we understand how the price of importing products from Asia to Australia via sea freight is priced over each leg of its journey. We also have analysed the market and know where certain shipping companies are strong, and where others have a more compelling offer or a better service.

As a result, AVC Trading can help you to examine your shipping costs and assess where you may be able to reduce costs and save. Through an in-depth cost review of your current shipping arrangements, we can work with you to analyse your supply chain and identify where improvements can be made. We can work with you to:

  • segment your costs;
  • assess where you can make improvements by changing suppliers or shipping arrangements;
  • reorganise your shipments to achieve cost-efficiencies; and
  • custom build your new supply chain and save.

The result will be that you have a better understanding of your sea freight costs as well as your broader supply chain costs.