Sea freight the AVC Trading way

AVC Trading has been importing large numbers of shipping containers into Australia from Asia via ocean shipping for more than 20 years. In 2007 we were acquired by Wesfarmers and have since run our sea freight operation as a part of Wesfarmers’ much larger sea freight network.

At AVC Trading, our approach to sea freight and containerised ocean freight is a little different from what organisations who import from Asia to Australia may be used to. Our unique service enables you to enjoy significant cost advantages on the sea freight leg of your freight shipping, while still taking advantage of your existing relationships for all the services around the sea freight service.

When you partner with AVC Trading for your sea freight, we don’t lock you into using specified suppliers that we nominate for you for the services either side of the sea freight leg.

This means you can achieve the most economical and reliable service for moving your freight from Asia into any port in Australia while still leveraging your current network of suppliers in both Asia and Australia. For services such as freight clearance, transport, warehousing, and delivery, we are more than happy for you to continue using your preferred partners or can help with this if required.

This is because when it comes to Shipping Solutions service, we are mostly interested in the sea freight component, as that is where we can offer the most value to our clients.

How AVC Trading adds value in sea freight

Through the strength of Wesfarmers, the shipping contracts we have, and the large number of containers we move, we have access to some unique and very favourable advantages when it comes to sea freight rates and conditions. We can provide value, confidence, and reassurance to sea freight customers through our long-standing relationship with Wesfarmers.

As a member of the Wesfarmers family, our Shipping Solutions operation is part of one of the largest shipping contract in Australia. This enables us to pass on significant advantages to our customers around sea freight pricing, reliability, and stability. As a result, AVC Trading can offer more favourable sea freight pricing and service than other operators in the market.

When you choose AVC Trading for your sea freight from Asia to Australia, you will have the reassurance and confidence that comes with being part of something bigger. Through our relationship with Wesfarmers, your freight will be part of a cohesive, highly organised, highly professional, and precisely planned and executed sea freight operation.

Your shipping containers will be part of the same sea freight operation that Wesfarmers uses to move large quantities of containers from Asia into Australia for Wesfarmers’ leading brands such as Bunnings, Kmart, Target, and Officeworks.

So while you may not know the AVC Trading name, you will have the confidence of working with one of Australia’s largest, oldest, most successful, and most diverse companies in Wesfarmers. With that comes value, confidence, and reassurances in sea freight that can’t be offered by most freight forwarding operations.

Enjoy the benefits of customising your supply chain

Because sea freight is the core part of our Shipping Solutions business, choosing AVC Trading means you can customise your entire supply chain either side of the sea freight component.

With AVC Trading, you can significantly reduce the cost of getting your product from Asia to Australia, while still enjoying the favourable relationships you have already developed with service providers across Asia and at home in Australia.

However, if needed we can also help connect customers with our preferred suppliers before departure or upon arrival in Australia, we have close relationships with leading Australian companies in 3PL, supply chain management, transport, warehousing, and clearance.


Who we work with on sea freight

We can ship your freight from most major ports in Asia into any major port in Australia. Our sea freight service is niche and not for everyone. But for those who fit our niche, there are significant advantages to working with us.

AVC Trading provides a premium sea freight service to organisations that:

Consistently move large volumes into Australia from Asia (500 or more shipping containers annually).
Can commit to
a 12-month shipping schedule.

Are looking for ways to stabilise and more accurately predict their supply chain costs.

Are seeking confirmed shipping allocations.

Have a different view on how they want to move their freight and are looking to work with an industry disruptor.

Don’t import hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods.
If this sounds like your business, then speak to AVC Trading today. We can help you access significant savings on your sea freight while enjoying the peace of mind that only comes with reliability and stability.