We recognise that the community, shareholders, employees and customers each have a stake in the company's performance and sustainability, and are committed to addressing the expectations of those stakeholders. 

To meet this commitment, the company will strive to: 

  • Improve its understanding of stakeholder expectations
  • Improve its understanding of the environmental impacts of its business activities
  • Manage the environmental impacts of its business to standards acceptable to stakeholders
  • Report its environmental performance and goals in ways which facilitate stakeholder understanding and address stakeholder concerns.

Product Stewardship Approach

Australian Vinyls is a signatory to the Australian industry's PVC Stewardship Program.

Reports & publications

Australian Vinyls, a subsidiary of Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisersis part of Wesfarmers Limited. Each year, Wesfarmers releases an Annual and Sustainability Report for its shareholders and the community.


Sustainability reports can be accessed from the Wesfarmers Sustainability website.


2015 Annual Report - Wesfarmers

2014 Annual Report - Wesfarmers

2013 Annual Report - Wesfarmers

2012 Annual Report - Wesfarmers

2011 Annual Report - Wesfarmers