Australian Vinyls’ interest extends to all stages of the PVC life cycle. Directly through our business operations and indirectly through our approach to product stewardship we are actively involved in PVC's life cycle and strive to reach or exceed global standards of responsibility for people and the environment.


Our Business Policy incorporates our approach towards safety, health and the environment, and specifies the steps Australian Vinyls takes to meet its PVC life cycle responsibilities. Our strategies include: 

  • consulting and informing stakeholders
  • identifying and reducing safety, health and environmental risks
  • implementing and encouraging appropriate stewardship of our products.

To understand the life cycle of PVC see the PVC life cycle diagram below.

PVC lifecycle


At Australian Vinyls, we support the ongoing program of environmental improvement outlined in the Australian industry’s PVC Stewardship Program. The program was launched by the Australian Government’s Minister for Environment in November 2002. Under this important voluntary initiative, signatories are required to meet a series of environmental commitments related to the PVC product life cycle in Australia. AV has been a signatory from the outset and we continue to participate actively in the program. 
Participation in the PVC Stewardship Program is voluntary; however, we believe as a supplier of resin and additives, being a signatory to this scheme will help downstream PVC businesses achieve more sustainable operations.
The company is entitled to use the 'Excellence' logo to promote its participation in, and full compliance with, the Product Stewardship Program.

For more detail about the Australian PVC industry's program, visit:

Green Star Compliance

Australian Vinyls has issued Green Star compliant Declarations in respect of its PVC resin products. 

Under the ‘PVC Credit’ in the Green Star building environmental rating tool, PVC pipe, conduit, cable, flooring and rigid profile products can earn up to two points towards a building project’s Green Star rating, provided they are manufactured according to the Green Building Council of Australia’s best practice guidelines for PVC products.

To be compliant, products are required to source and use PVC resins that fully meet the Best Practice Guidelines for environmental impact and health risks associated with resin manufacture. These Guidelines, published by the Green Building Council, include stringent emission and occupational exposure limits, avoidance of mercury and best practice environmental management of operations. 

In consultation with its supplier of PVC resins, Australian Vinyls has assessed its imported resin products. In accordance with the Green Building Council’s requirements, the company has issued Declarations to confirm these resins are compliant. 

These Declarations will assist manufacturers of PVC building products to reach full compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC products. The Declarations are provided to customers upon request. 

For more information on the Green Star PVC Credit, visit the PVC industry website at or the Green Building Council of Australia at